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Prismatic Compass Supplier

Prismatic Compass Manufacturer

xitij Instruments provide best prismatic compass at best price in India. It is the best prismatic compass supplier, prismatic compass manufacturer company in pune, Maharashtra, India.Prismatic Compass is a type of surveying in which the directions of surveying lines are arranged with a magnetic compass, and the length of the surveying lines are measured with a strip or chain or laser range finder. The Prismatic compass is usually used to run a traverse line. The Prismatic compass calculates bearings of lines concerning the magnetic needle. Compass is an instrument designed for the measurement of direction with the reference to the magnetic time. The essential parts of a compass are a magnetic needle, a graduated circle and a line of sight.

The following are the two main types of compass.

1. Prismatic Compass.
2. Surveyor Compass

This type of Prismatic compass is a light and easy tool and is used for rough surveys where too much correctness is not necessary.

Components and Adjustment of Prismatic Compass.

Prismatic compass is made into a box that is circular and 85 to 110 mm in diameter. In the middle of the compass box, is a pointed steel axle is used. A magnetic probe of broad form is balanced over the axis, and to this is fixed a light aluminum ring.

Major parts of a Prismatic Compass are:

  • Magnetic needle
  • Graduated ring
  • Adjustable mirror
  • Sliding arrangement for mirror
  • Object vane
  • Eye vane
  • Metal box
  • Glass cover

Adjustments of prismatic compass

Two types of adjustments:

  • Temporary adjustment
  • Permanent adjustment

Use of Prismatic Compass.

This type of Prismatic compass, being a very light and simple instrument, is widely used for introductory surveys of roads, rough traverses, etc., where time and accuracy are not the deciding factor.