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PCR Workstation Supplier

PCR Workstation Manufacturer

Xitij Instruments is best PCR workstation supplier, PCR workstation manufacturer,exports company in pune, Maharashtra, India. A PCR workstation, also known as a PCR hood, is a workspace, surrounded on three sides, providing a location for amplification of DNA and/or RNA. PCR hoods are used in biology and genetic laboratories so that there is no cross-contamination between samples. PCR workstations have no circulation, which helps prevent contamination, and UV illumination for sterilization. Different features between PCR workstations include dimensions, whether or not there is a HEPA filter, and if they have a timer for UV sterilization, consider meeting their requirements before purchasing.

Active decontamination of the work surface during non-work time by UV radiation

  • Additional inactivation of aerosol-bound contaminants by UV air recirculation shielded during operation
  • Resistant prevention thanks to an antimicrobial stainless steel work surface
  • Function indicator for UV air recirculation tube
  • Displays the operating time of the UV tube to allow timely replacement for constant UV intensity
  • Removable cabinets provide additional storage space for reaction tubes, pipettes or racks on the rear panel

Four internal electrical outlets, such as mini centrifuges or vortices, allow the combination of multiple working steps without interrupting the workflow for the operation of laboratory equipment

  • Electromagnetic safety mechanism prevents UV panel if the front panel is opened

Larger area for stress-free work: Provides ample space and the possibility to accommodate bench-top equipment, the Xitij Instruments Pvt. Ltd PCR workstation allows the combination of multiple working steps without change of location, reducing the risk of cross-contamination is.


  • Polycarbonate and polypropylene design to reflect UV rays
  • Full access folding sash
  • Unibody plastic design – no links or gaps in construction
  • Lab Event Timer