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Gel Electrophoresis Tank Supplier

Gel Electrophoresis Tank Manufacturer

It is the best Gel electrophoresis tank supplier, Gel electrophoresis tank manufacturer, Exports Company in pune, Maharashtra, India. Gel electrophoresis tank is a technique use in lab to separate charged molecules like DNA?, RNA? And proteins? According to their size. Charged molecules shift through a gel when an electric current is passed across it. An electric current is applied across the gel so that one finish of the gel has a optimistic charge and the other end has a unenthusiastic charge. The movement of charged molecules is called migration. Molecules migrate towards the opposite charge. A molecule with a unenthusiastic charge will therefore be pulled towards the positive end. The gel electrophoresis consists of a permeable matrix, a bit like a sieve, through which molecules can travel when an electric current is passed across it. Smaller molecules transfer through the gel more rapidly and therefore travel further than larger fragments that migrate more slowly and therefore will travel a shorter distance. As a result the molecules are separated by size.

A complete unit consists of :

  • Basic unit with Platinum Electrode
  • Gel Puncher single well (1 No.)
  • Trough Cutter (1 No.)
  • Templates (3 Nos One each for Counter, Rocket & Immuno Electrophoresis)
  • Power cord and Lid (1 No. each)
  • User Manual

Product Details:

Dimensions 18 cm(L) x 16 cm(B) x 8 cm(H)
Buffer Volume 200 ml
Usage Medical laboratory

Ordering Information:

Cat. No Product Units
MX-1246-01 MEDOX-BIO Mini Western Blotting System Set