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UV Transilluminator

We, “Xitij Instruments”, are the maximum remarkable name inside the marketplace imparting the incomparable array of Laboratory Equipment like Gel Documentation System, Agarose Gel Unit, Horizontal immersed Gel Electrophoresis Unit, UV transilluminator, UV transilluminator VIVID, Rapid Midi Dual Wet Blot, Rapid Mini Wet Blot, etc. All those laboratory equipment are designed and bought from great companies of the marketplace. All these laboratory equipments are best assured and available in lots of specifications. They are electricity efficient and accurate in running. We offered UV Transilluminator at lowest price in India. Our offered UV Transilluminator price starting from Rs. 24,000. Our clients can avail this array at the bottom rates.


All UV transilluminators are equipped with a UV blocking cover, adjustable to different angles to the work surface. All ORANGE transilluminators carry a One year warranty.

An UV transilluminator is a typical piece of utensils utilized in life science laboratories for visualization of goal DNAs and proteins. The UV transilluminator works by means of emitting high levels of UV radiation through the viewing surface. The important thing application for a UV transilluminator is for visualization of DNA and protein agarose and polyacrylamide gels after electrophoresis. Gels may also be immediately positioned onto the UV transilluminator; wavelength will differ to your unique application.

How do I decide on a UV transilluminator?

Some concerns to hold in intellect when shopping round for a UV transilluminator include viewing surface measurement for various dimension gels; wavelengths, as some models are available in single or twin wavelengths; and the dimensions of the bench top unit.

Technical Specifications

Model : UV Transilluminator BLB Basic
Cat:NO : UVG3651
UV Source : 365nm Wave Length
Viewing Area : 14*14cm
UV Tube : 4*8 watts UV Tube
Housing : Anti Corrosion treated with Powder coated Mild Steel
UV Safty Shields : Clear Transparent lid for excellent clarity
Input : 220v AC,50-60HZ
Fuse : 1 Amp
Instruction Manual : 1 No.
Warranty Card : 1 No.



Longwave UV-365nm:

Bacterial Identification  * Specimen Staining * Gel Electrophoresis * Chlorination *flurochemistry * Pesticide Analysis * Flurorescence Photography * Titration Processes * TLC* Nucleic Acid Visualization *  Genetic Expriemnts * Virology Sanitation: Aflatoxin Detection * Rodent Contamination and Lice Detection * Dermatology * Cosmetology.

Midrange UV - 312nm:

Gel Electrophoresis * Gel Viewing * optical Lab Measurements

Shortwave UV-254nm:

Flurochesmistry  * Mercury Detectors * Optical Alignment * Pesticide Analysis * Polymer Curing * Sterillization *  DNA Analysis * Biochemical

UV Transilluminator blb Basic:

Cat No.







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