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Tissue Culture Dishes


Tissue Culture Dishes have a highly transparent and perfect flat base, which ensures distortion-free microscopy. The clock numbering system (3,6,9 and 12) inlaid into the base of the dish allows easy identification and documentation of zones. The protruding edge (non-slip ring) around the dish enables an easy and safe separation of the upper and lower parts, as well as providing a safe handling.

Product Details:

Shape Round
Color Transparent
Application Chemical Laboratory

Ordering Information:

Cat. No. Product Pce / Pack
93040 Tissue culture Test Plates 40mm/9.2cm2, 900nos/cs (45/20) 20
93060 Tissue culture Test Plates 60mm/22.1cm2, 840nos/cs (60/14) 14
93100 Tissue culture Test Plates 100mm/60cm2, 240nos/cs (24/10) 10
93150 Tissue culture Test Plates 150mm/147.8cm2, 100nos/cs (20/5) 5

Technical Specifications

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