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Serological Pipettes


Made out of virgin polystyrene Serological Pipettes are expandable pipettes. The pipettes are color coded and wrapped individually. The cotton plug that is provided at the upper end of the pipette is thoroughly fixed to make sure it does not fall out. Special emphasis has been given to maximize the negative graduation of the volume scale.

Product Details:

Disposable Yes
Material Polystyrene
Application Chemical Laboratory

Technical Specifications

Cat.No Product Pce / Pack
94001 Serological Pipettes 1ml, Sterile, 400nos/cs (400/1) 1
94002 Serological Pipettes 2ml, Sterile, 300nos/cs (300/1) 1
94005 Serological Pipettes 5ml, Sterile, 200nos/cs (200/1) 1
94010 Serological Pipettes 10ml, Sterile, 200nos/cs (200/1) 1
94025 Serological Pipettes 25ml, Sterile, 100nos/cs (100/1) 1
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