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Programmable Power Supply 500v/500ma

Xitij Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has been a leader in Programmable Power pack. Xitij designs and manufactures revolutionary and robust high-electricity DC merchandise for a wide range of packages which includes commercial manner, defense and research. Our Lab Power Supply merchandise are exported to international and earned right popularity from our customers. The Xitij Instruments Power materials are ideal in your everyday use for electrophoresis. Our Power Supply is ideal for DNA, RNA, and protein electrophoresis as well as blotting. These safe and user-pleasant Power resources consist of advanced specification, high performance, long existence span, and compact sizing. We are constantly delivering current gadgets for the bio-enterprise that cowl almost all your laboratory wishes. If you want in addition information, do no longer hesitate to touch us!

Technical Specifications

Xitij Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a global and main programmable power pack supplier and Manufacturer. We are committed to superior research and improvement, supported via state-of-the-art manufacturing automation and in-manner checking out to deliver low cost, high first-rate Power Supply solutions to our customers. Our products have earned variety varieties of global safety standards.



Model: Programmable power supply

Cat: NO:PPS5005

Output range:(programmable)0-500V,fully adjustable in 1 V steps 500 mA,fully adjustable in 1 mA steps

Type of Output:Constant voltage or constant current with automatic crossover

Output terminals:3 pair recessed banana jacks in parallel

Timer: 1 min-999 min, fully adjustable start /stop Functiuon:Yes


Operating Conditions:0-40c,0-90% humidity in the absence of condensation

Safety features:No- load detection, sudden load change detection,overload/short-circuit detection,

Input protection:Fuse on both hot and neutral

Input power(actual):220 VAc/50hz

InstructionManual:1 No.

Warranty Card: 1 No.


  • Current and Voltage Regulation
  • 150W as much as 6000W Models
  • 19 inch Rack hooked up or as Stand-Alone-Device
  • Analog and Digital Programmable Interfaces
  •  Paralles and Series Option
  •  EN60950 and EN61010
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