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Gel Documentation System

A gel doc, additionally known as gel documentation system, gel inmage device or gel imager, is device extensively utilized in molecular biology laboratories for the imaging and documentation of nucleic acid and  protein suspended within polyacrylamide or agarose gels. These gels are commonly stained with ethidium bromide or other flurophores which includes SYBR Green. Generally, a gel doc includes anultraviolet (UV) light transilluminator, a hood or a darkroom to guard external light assets and protect the user from UV publicity, and a CCD camera for photo capturing.

Why We Are Best In Gel Documentation System?

We are providing Gel Documentation System to our clients. It is significantly used in biochemistry and biotechnology departments for research and developments and various packages.

Banking at the skills of our specialists, we are recommended amongst the customers for providing an excellent range of Gel Documentation System. The Gel Documentation System is available in diverse specifications that can be customized as per client’s requirements. Offered products are made through using excellent fabric.

Gel Documentation System Work:

Gel documentation system contains a UV light transilluminator, a hood, and a CCD camera. It's convenient to make use of and function. The hood restricts entry of any source of external light that makes it possible for clear taking pictures of picture with the CCD digicam and making it seen in ultra violet gentle transilluminator.

Technical Specifications


  • Hood consist of UV Transilluminator,white light,Epi UV AND Epi fluorescent light
  • Uv Cut off when door is open
  • Dark chamber
  • 8W reflectatnt light
  • Door safety switch
  • Zoom Lens 8-4mm/f1.0
  • Etbr filter
  • Lens dark box
  • Built in with 5mp Camera
  • Resolution H:2,592 pixel,V:1,944 pixel
  • Pixel size:2.2um
  • interface USB 3.0

1D Gel Analysis software

  • Import common image types up to 48bit,16Bit gREY LKEVELS
  • Interface  to control scanner and cameras
  • Image pre-processing,rotate,crop,scale,imagre filters
  • Automatic lane and band detection
  • Manual  lane band detection
  • Manual correction for lanes and gels
  • MW Calibration using MW standards,Standards Standards editor
  • Quantification for bands and lanes
  • Normalisation using reference bands detailed list 5 analysis values
  • Reporting,create reports using templates,Export and Print
  • Data export to MS Excel, open office
  • Documentation of gels and export Update via Internet or CD


  • Simple layout for regular and dependable operation
  • Automatic UV reduce off to ensure safety
  • Employs very latest camera interface high speed USB or FIREWIRE to enhance system efficiency
  • Simple sanitization regime to be followed for renovation of UV filters
  • All the fashions function scientific grade CCD sensor for compliance with low mild imaging requirements
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